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It's hard to hear that you, or a loved one, need a new liver, heart, kidney or pancreas. You will undoubtedly have many concerns about this life-changing operation and what lies ahead, but one of your first and most important decisions is where to have your transplant surgery.

If you're looking for nationally-recognized doctors and a hospital system with one of the highest transplant survival rates in the nation, look no further than the Jefferson Transplant Institute in Philadelphia.

Why Choose Jefferson for Transplant Surgery?

Our team excels at surgical procedures resulting in improved recipient outcomes and shorter recovery times. Our expert care and distinguished team are recognized for numerous awards including receiving a four out of five rating from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients for liver and kidney one-year recipient survival transplantation outcomes in January 2020, placing our program among the best in the region.

Superior Multidisciplinary Team, Personally Dedicated to Every Phase of Your Care

Our programs are centered around our multidisciplinary team’s collaboration and deep commitment to the well-being of each recipient. Our care begins with the pre-transplant evaluation and continues through to our advanced medical and surgical techniques.

After transplantation, we maintain an active follow-up with you and your referring physicians. Our continuing care includes putting you in touch with a support network of specially trained nurses, social workers and fellow transplant survivors.

Jefferson's "Patient for Life" commitment includes a personalized plan for monitoring your health after your surgery along with your primary care or referring physician.

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