Now more than ever, your health can’t wait.

The best time to take care of yourself is now.

Annual check-ups and cancer screenings should not be delayed. Appointments are available both in-person and using telehealth.

Jefferson Health is improving lives by redefining exceptional care.

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Health is Our Main Focus

Universal Masking

All Jefferson employees, patients and visitors are required to wear masks. If you don’t have one, we’ll provide you with one.

Encourage Social Distancing

In order to follow the CDC’s recommended guidelines of keeping a minimum of six feet, we’ve changed elevator rules and rearranged seating in our lobbies, waiting rooms and cafeterias.

Maintain A Hygienic Environment

Our incredible environmental services team enhanced hand washing and disinfecting efforts to clean every corner of our care sites with extra attention to patient areas.

“Low Touch” Care

We’ve created no-touch registration, redesigned exam rooms for limited contact and installed hand sanitizers at all our entrances.

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Care Options

Video Visits

Doctor-patient visits have never been more accessible, with more than 3,000 video visits daily. Simply login to JeffConnect all from the comfort of home.

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Annual health screenings are just as essential now, so whether you need a mammogram or colonoscopy, we’re here to ensure you get the care you need.

Procedures & Surgeries

We have expanded surgical and procedural capabilities, as well as the number of beds available, to ensure no patient goes without the care they deserve.


Jefferson implemented the best practices for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for those in inpatient care, as well as staff.

Emergency Room

We are able to care for all patients who have urgent or emergency medical needs, while separating those patients suspected of having COVID-19.

Primary Care & Specialists

Expanded hours in the early mornings and late evenings provide those with chronic conditions, or who may be more susceptible to illnesses, with peace of mind when going to their appointment.

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This form is for physician appointments only and not to schedule the COVID vaccine. For more information on the COVID vaccine and to learn if you are eligible for vaccination visit Vaccine Scheduling Information

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