LGBTQ+ Health Program

LGBTQ+ Health Program

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Message from our Leadership

Lisette Martinez

Pride. That’s what defines the spirit and perseverance of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s also what we here at Jefferson feel about providing care and resources to those within the community.

We are proud to have spent the past year establishing ourselves as a safe, innovative and caring space for patients and their loved ones, as well as for our own LGBTQ+ family here at Jefferson. Every step we take, we take together and we continue to take them towards reaching our goals.

Our responsibility to the LGBTQ+ community, particularly when it comes to healthcare, isn’t a just a goal, however, it’s a priority. We know that the healthcare disparities for LGBTQ+ is a major issue and it’s something we’ll work towards every single day to ensure Jefferson goes above and beyond.

It’s already evident in the care provided by our LGBTQ+ allies and staff, and will only continue to grow thanks to our expanding access to resources for all members of the Jefferson community.

We are honored to have done the work we’ve done thus far, but what we are most excited for is what we’re continuing to work towards for the future. Our LGBTQ+ healthcare resources will expand, as will education, events and community outreach. We’re all in this together and look forward to what’s in store today, tomorrow and forever.

Lisette Martinez, MBA, EVP
Chief Diversity Officer, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health



Mission - We Improve Lives

Respect: We provide a safe space where individuality is seen as a strength and everyone is treated with fairness and dignity.  

Patient Excellence: We dedicate ourselves to the highest quality in all our programs and services, and seek employees, volunteers and supporters who have a passion from improving lives. 

Inclusiveness: We celebrate our mission for inclusiveness to increase employee engagement and address specific patient experience opportunities.

Innovation: We vigorously support pioneering programs and advocacy to meet community needs that support our employees and the diverse communities we serve. 

Our goal includes ensuring everyone at Jefferson feels accepted and valued. In addition, we aim to be the premier comprehensive center for LGBTQ+ health.

LGBTQ+ Health Champions

In January 2019, the LGBTQ+ Health Champions Work Group was established here at Jefferson. The group consists of members from Jefferson Center City Campus (both clinical and academic with representation from staff, faculty, students and administration) and other Jefferson Health Enterprise LGBTQ+ health leaders. The focus of this group is to provide fellowship, education and community and intra-enterprise engagement.

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